"I see my daughter's passion for Bharatanatyam increase every day and that is only possible with a dedicated teacher like Moneeshaji who gives it all for the art form and her students. Loved watching each and every performance, hard to miss that everyone performed with great confidence and always aimed for perfection." - Parent, Jersey City, NJ

"I really admire my teacher - Ms. Moneesha's dedication, professionalism and perfection. She puts in lots of effort to make sure we get things right. She is very talented in Kalashethra style bharathanatyam and vocal. It's very rare to find such an amazing teacher in the US. I was lucky to find out about this dance school" - Adult student, Jersey City, NJ

 "My daughter has been with Moneesha ji for the last 2 years and her progress has been phenomenal. Her interest in dance and her dedication towards the art has increased multifold. Moneesha ji's committment to dance  keep children very involved in learning.I am indeed thankful that I have such a good classical dance teacher in Jersey City and I look forward to seeing my daughter grow and progress under her".  - Parent, Jersey City, NJ


"We couldn’t be happier to have Moneesha-ji as our daughter’s first teacher. You are an excellent teacher who gave our daughter wings and roots all these years. Thank you for always believing in her! " - Parent, Jersey City, NJ

"At home many a times I catch my daughter doing bharatnatyam steps and practicing by herself. This speaks volumes to the passion and interest Moneesha has cultivated within her to dance. She refuses to miss a single dance class! We were so proud to watch her perform on stage with so much dedication. Thanks Moneesha!" - Parent, Jersey City, NJ

"It astonishes me when I watch your students perform on stage. I can see their discipline, their confidence, their perfection, and their passion towards dancing. This shows the dedication and motivation you have cultivated in them. I’m extremely happy to have you as my daughter’s teacher. Her dance skills are showing up in everything she does! Thank you so much for creating a passion towards dance in her." - Parent, Jersey City, NJ

"Dear Moneesha, We feel blessed to find a teacher like you,  who is so passionate, disciplined, talented and yet very hard working. You  bring out the best in kids and  its a great feeling  for me and my husband to see our daughter blossoming  into a beautiful dancer .It was a feast to our eyes to watch her perform  in one of the shows recently in Jersey city.  Undoubtedly the  credit goes to  your  hard work and dedication along with the students. You  are par excellence and train your students to excel as well. Thank you for everything  you do and love you !! " Parent, Jersey City, NJ (shared with permission)



  " I am a parent from Jersey City. I am extremely thankful to have Moneesha ji as  my daughter's Bharathanatyam teacher, who teaches classical dance in its true form. I really appreciate her efforts and dedication to teaching dance. My daughter is also very eager and enthusiastic about learning dance from her and enjoys her classes ." Parent, Jersey City, NJ



"Moneesha Akka you are the best dancer and best teacher, I hope I can be a dancer like you when I grow up", -Young Student, Wayne, NJ



"We are blessed to have such a knowledgeable, graceful, energetic, inspiring and professional dancer as our daughter's  teacher. I would recommend everyone who is interested in learning Bhartnatyam to learn it from Moneesha"- Parent, Clifton, NJ



"My daughter has been learning Bharatanatyam from Moneesha for almost a year now. We find her classes to be well balanced with focus on learning and discipline. My daughter is very interested in attending her class and aspires to be a dancer like Moneesha akka one day. We would like to wholeheartedly thank her for creating such an interest in her"-Parent, Jersey city, NJ



"I should say Moneesha is a talented dancer cum singer, with the right mix of strictness and perfection which really is a mandate for young kids. My daughter flourished under her."-  Parent, Jersey city, NJ



"Moneesha is a dedicated  bharatanatyam teacher who provides lessons emphasizing the key elements of this art. As a teacher for my daughter, she has been able to instill an affinity to the dance form within the first few classes"- Parent, Wayne, NJ



 "Moneesha is an awesome dance teacher.  She helps me understand the basics of Bharatnatyam as well as improve on the fine techniques. She is great for beginners as well as those who have learnt bharatnatyam earlier"- Adult student, Jersey City, NJ



"Our daughter loves taking classes with Moneesha akka ('big sister'). She enjoys being challenged and learning new things. She enjoys being able to tell the stories of Hindu gods and goddesses with her dance. And she has found nice friendships with her fellow students." - Parent, Wayne, NJ



"I was on a hunt for a bhartnatyam teacher for my daughter and I was very fortunate to get introduced to Moneesha Guru by my friend. I was very drawn to her passion for dance and her traditional Kalashetra style of teaching. And as a blessing she teaches in Jersey City which is so convenient for me. I have not only got my daughter started, I myself have resumed learning dance. We love her .. She is simply amazing!"- Parent, Jersey City, NJ



"Hi Moneesha, How are you? We are finally settled and we started bharatnatyam again. Both of us miss your classes a lot, the quality of being in one of your sessions is just not comparable to the class she attends here. Its hard to find a good teacher that enjoys teaching so much. Your teaching style is very wholesome and I really miss that for ___________. When I move back I want her to continue with you if you are still in the area.

Much Love"-  Parent, Jersey City, NJ (shared with permission)




"Dear Moneeshaji, We had gone for a ____________Kalakshetra professor's workshop yesterday.  He had taught them adavus and hastas.  He was praising _______ at how much she had improved and how well she was dancing, telling her that her facial expression and eye movements were very good.  I mentioned that you were teaching her through Skype and gave him you regards. I just wanted to share this with you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking her as your student.  I don't think she would have become so good without you as her Guru.  Thank you.

Warm regards"- Parent, West Palm Beach, Florida (shared with permission)


"Hello Moneeshaji,

Hats off for your energy, dedication and effort to bring out the best in my daughter. It has already been a year since we joined your classes. It is our great pleasure and opportunity to have you has our daughter’s dance teacher. God bless you with more and more talent and ….

….Love you Moneesha Akka "

-  Parent, Clifton, NJ (shared with permission)

"Hi Moneesha,  

Our flight is tomorrow. Just wanted to say bye and miss you and your dance. You are the best teacher I have ever seen. Thank for teaching ______ and me dance. Thanks a lot.

Bye and I will miss you once again."- Parent, Jersey City, NJ (shared with permission)





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