Moneesha's formal training in dance was under the tutelage of the world-renowned Guru Padma Shri Adyar. K Lakshman in Chennai, India, who honed her dance technique and taught her nattavangum as part of her post-graduate training. Previously, Moneesha was trained by the legendary Smt. Uma Devi Dutt and Smt. V. Gayatri Devi (both senior disciples of Padma Bhushan Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale, the founder of Kalakshetra) in Besant Nagar, Chennai in dance practice and theory for numerous years.


A long association with elocution and theater that accompanied dance throughout her school years, and guidance from Smt. C. Ramaswamy and Smt. A. Dongre helped Moneesha master advanced abhinaya (acting) and complex expression based sequences. Moneesha holds a graduating diploma in Bharatanatyam, and in the past sixteen years has performed at diverse venues, including entire margams (repertoires) and workshops at several venues in the tri-state area.


Noteworthy among these are performances at the Bridgewater Temple auditorium, Tamil Sangam, Rukmini Devi's Centennial event, Crossroads, New Jersey State Theater, Bickford Museum Theater, Flushing Temple Auditorium, Consulate General of India, Saraswati Hall, Jersey city Museum Theater, and the Garden State Performing Arts Center.  In recent years, Moneesha served as a judge at the global Swaminarayan Talent and the Indian American Festival dance competitions. Being a lover of the arts and a contest winner herself, Moneesha coaches aspirants on their Talent Round, and proudly shares the success of her student winning the SPA Indo-Carribean Pageant National Crown in 2013.


Since 2011, Moneesha has shared her love for art with her group of bharatanatyam enthusiasts in her solo venture at a professional dance studio in downtown Jersey City and Clifton, NJ, Baltimore, MD, as well as online via Skype. The goal of this endeavor is to supply a premier dance education, supported by strong concepts of talam, lyam and dance theory that can enable her students to find their perfection in a professional setting.


"I am deeply grateful for the teachings of my Gurus- who opened the doors of this magical world,  and who gave form to an unending passion. Especially to those who shared knowledge selflessly, for without them, I could never have come this far. I am equally thankful for wonderful peers and dedicated students who continue to inspire and teach me every day.  Know that I remember you with love"


Additionally, Moneesha holds an MS and an MPH, and works in public health, patient care, and nursing education. 

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